Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's official!

And it's just one. . .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

JANUARY 2009: Olivia at 19 months

january 09 001

Potty training "Dadu"

january 09 018

At the playground with her friend Mariana

january 09 025

january 09 029

She picked out her outfit today.

january 09 043

My gorgeous little girl.

january 09 050


january 09 104

I think she even tasted the leaves.  Whoops.

january 09 079

Finally the princess is tired.

Christmas 2008

Christmas with Olivia this year was fun--she is now 18 months old and could really enjoy opening gifts; especially pulling things out of her stocking!  She got spoiled as usual with a sandbox, a wheeled pony from her Granny Nana and Pappaw, and several other cutie pie girlie gifts.  We went Christmas shopping in Old San Juan this year and spent the night right downtown.  Olivia loved feeding the pigeons most of all. 

Christmas Vacations 191

Christmas Vacations 068

Our little Jibarita

Christmas Vacations 218

Our happy little family

Christmas Vacations 226

Our house is too small for an indoor tree! 

Christmas Vacations 231

The horsie was the first to catch her eye

Christmas Vacations 244

Next came the table and chairs

Christmas Vacations 247

Christmas stocking candy should always be eaten right away

Christmas Vacations 278

Dolly or "Dadu" as she calls her wanted some candy too

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

Summer 2008:

The Summer was spent going to the beach, having weekly breakfasts with friends, and lots of new experiences like brushing her own teeth, trying Oreos and feeding herself with fierce independence. 

Summer 08 219

Summer 08 224

Summer 08 226

She'll definitely be a bookworm like her parents

Summer 08 235

Summer 08 239


Summer 08 250

Summer 08 255

Happy 4th of July from the whole motley crew!

Summer 08 257

During the summer we had these great weekly girls (and babies for those who have them) brunches at rotating houses.  Olivia can often be found trying to snatch toys from Massimo.

Summer 08 261


Cathy and Mariana

Summer 08 262

Tiffany, Laura and Yasmina

Summer 08 265

Laura, Lily and Faulkner

Summer 08 267

Damarys and Gabriel trying out the new swing set

Summer 08 271

Chris and Massimo

Summer 08 268

July 2008 001

Tooth brushing!

July 2008 041

Our little lady

July 2008 020

July 2008 088

Feeding herself also includes having a foot up on the tray--non-negociable.

July 2008 158

Elmo the great hypnotist

July 2008 137

Flying kites with friends David, Laura, Lily and Faulkner

July 2008 138

Olivia Turns ONE!

On June 6th, 2007 Olivia Calliope Flores turned 1 year old!  We went crazy and bought a zillion toys that she showed little interest in until now and threw a birthday bash at the beach with family and friends.  Instead of a big cake we made her miniature coconut cupcakes with cherries on top.  She celebrated the day with an Elmo video, playing in the sprinkler outside and having her first bubble bath.  She loved opening gifts--I think more for the fun of tearing paper and wearing ribbons than for seeing what was inside. 

Summer 08 011

Summer 08 016

Summer 08 051

Summer 08 096

Summer 08 064

Summer 08 161

With Abuela Tata

Summer 08 142

With Bisabuela Caya

Summer 08 173

Summer 08 135

With Titi Nilsa and cousin Angel Leonardo

Summer 08 124

It was a good two days :)